Wednesday, 4th December, 2013


His eyes are the colour of the ocean yes, but not the deep kind of blue that makes you think of an infinite mass of water, full of strange and terrifying creatures. It’s the kind of blue with a green hue to it that reminds me of the clear waters of a coral reef, it’s the kind that makes you think of white sandy beaches, and pina coladas, and refreshing swims in an inviting sea.

His hair and skin seem to further reflect what his eyes portray; his hair is a sandy colour with a small platinum patch of hair from birth that looks like a seashell washed onto the shore, while his skin always has that healthy glow to it as if he’d just been kissed by the sun, no matter how cloudy the sky seemed. He truly is the human embodiment of the seas sanctuary.

Whenever I speak to him I get pulled in by the magnetism of him, it’s not even just that he’s attractive, it’s the way he carries himself, how he can so easily keep a conversation flowing, or the way he somehow always manages to include me in one, just as I begin to feel as if no one gives a damn what I have to say. It’s the way he teases me, or stupidly leans forward and messes my hair up just to annoy me. His smile is always so sincere, and his laugh is contagious. When the world moves around him, he’d just sit there silently in his chair, eyebrows furrowed deep in concentration, his fingers touching his lips as if to grab unspoken words from his tongue.

He’s most definitely not perfect, in fact I’m furious with him half the time. His jokes would always be a little too personal,and he’s obnoxious and annoying most days. I hate how he brings up times I was drunk and crying, and I hate how he seems to lead me on. He makes me feel naive and childish and tells me to “shut up” continuously.

I hate how whenever I look at him, I can’t help but smile. 

Mostly I just hate that he doesn’t understand that every time I’m near him or talking to him, I read so much into everything he does and says and eventually get it into my head that I have a chance with him, when really he thinks nothing of me, we’re just friends.